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M.I. Rudomino All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature possesses an excellent collection of foreign books for children comprising approximately 50,000,000 volumes of fiction and popular science books. The library has been collecting books for children since the very first days of its existence. As early as in the catalog of 1922, there was a separate section called “Literature for Children”. In the Library for Foreign Literature you can find books by almost all prominent contemporary children’s writers.

The Reading Room for Children has over 8,000 books in its open access and additional collections. These are:

A collection of audiovisual materials in foreign languages is being built up.

In the Children's Reading Room there is a unique collection of foreign illustrated books for children dating back to ХIХ—ХХ centuries. The Library collections comprise editions published during the lifetime of Lewis Carroll, Elsa Beskow, Wilhelm Busch, Henry Hoffman; books illustrated by Gustave Dore, Randolph Caldecott, Kate Greenaway, Walt Disney and Jean de Brunhoff.

There is a wide range of works by classics of contemporary book illustration such as Maurice Sendak, Binette Schroeder, Klaus Ensikat, Józef Wilkoń, Anthony Browne.

The Collection of reference books, educational and bibliographical materials on history of children’s books and literature studies, comprising specialized periodicals from different countries, is a most valuable source of information for all those interested in children’s literature and children’s book publishing.
Book exhibitions are held regularly in order to make our book collections open to public.

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