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Children's Books Center
Library for Foreign Languages

History of the Department

Children’s reading room within the framework of All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature named after M.I. Rudomino was established in 1990. Children’s Literature Department was organized on its grounds in 2006. Further on, in 2013 it was renamed into “Department of Children’s books and programs”. This particular branch of the Rudomino Library incorporates a collection of children’s books in different languages, as well as printed stuff for the young in Russian.

Children’s Literature Department is focused on the following main activities:

Children’s Literature Dept incorporates interest groups, where one can study foreign languages, the history of literature, art & regional geography. Our teachers’ staff consists of outstanding professionals, who are truly keen on their work and develop educational programs of their own.

The Dept employees closely co-operate with teachers, representing various kinds of local secondary schools as well as university & college lecturers and students, children’s librarians, museum and theatre staff.

We are interested in expanding our ties locally and abroad.

We look forward to successful co-operation with all those concerned.

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