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Sergey Makhotin
Сергей Махотин

Sergey Makhotin is an outstanding poet and writer for children. He addresses different age-groups from small children to young adults and works in different genres – from poetry and short prose to historical novels and non-fiction. He is most cherished for the unique talent to write verse for teenagers and though never being didactic talk to them sincerely about most important ethical problems. He has great respect for his young readers and their inner world and never let them down. His poems and stories combine deep reflections and subtle humor and being lyrical are most positive and optimistic.

Sergey Makhotin was born in 1953 in Sochi.
He started his career as a journalist in Leningrad. His first poems were published in children's periodicals in 1980-s. Since that time young readers became his main audience.
His first books of poetry appeared in 1985. Since that time wrote 30 books for children and young adults. His poems and short stories ahs been also published in various periodicals.
In 1990-ies Makhotin started working on children's radio in St.-Petersbourg and continues to do it up till now. His programs are a great success.
When talking to and writing for children Makhotin always deals with important topics. Ye knows the liberating effect of humor but wishes not only to amuse but to bring up children in humanistic spirit, to set up examples a child will be inspired to follow. In his books he reflects upon various aspects of tolerance, respect and responsibility. He also fascinates children with beauty of nature and captivates them with the unique nuances of the surrounding world.

With his every verse Sergey Makhotin emphasises the importance of childhood. In his poems children and adults solve their problems on equal terms. And world of nature is ruled by the universal laws of justice. Readers find themselves in a poetic world based on delicate feelings and accurate awareness of how each line should be created to achieve a resounding joyful verse”. Mikhail Yasnov

Sergey Makhotin has been awarded many literary awards including Samuil Marshak Prize and Korney Chukovsky Prize. He is also on the IBBY Honour List.

Sergey Makhotin is not a kind of person that prefers to live in the ivory tower. He takes part in many social initiatives and supports charity projects. He often visit libraries, schools, hospitals and orphanages where he brings the best remedy he posses – joyful poems full of love of life.
Segey Makhotin has many talents – he compose songs which sing himself, and is also found of photography. His interest in children's life is reflected in photos he take at different occasions. The pictures could make a gallery of children's portraits presenting the world similar to one depicted in his verse.

Last but not the least – Sergey Makhotin conducts a studio for the young authors who start their literary career. Many of his students got their first commissions in the St-Petersburg publishing house.

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